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Dr Preema Vig’s top anti-ageing treatments: Ear-Tox

One treatment already making waves in the cosmetic world is ear-tox and if you wore heavy, dangly earrings in the 80s and 90s, this latest beauty craze will be music to your ears... or more specifically your earlobes.

Dr Preema Vig’s top anti-ageing treatments: The No-Treatment Look

Gone are the days when you wanted your face to look obviously 'done', the latest trend is to have small tweaks to your appearance by a skilled aesthetic doctor, such as Dr Preema Vig, to make you look re-freshed and younger for your age.

Dr Preema Vig’s top anti-ageing treatments: Brow Lift

Heavy, droopy eyelids can make you look much older than you are, which is why brow lift surgery is becoming more popular.

The Glycolic Acid Skin Edit

Glycolic acid is this season’s new buzz ingredient. Dr Preema Vig explains glycolic acid’s role in skincare, from the professional treatment to the high street buy.. WHAT IS GLYCOLIC ACID? Glycolic acid is a molecule originally derived from sugar or sugar cane. Now, it is most often made in the lab because it is simple to synthesise and chemical production is much cheaper than looking for natural sources. The molecule

Dr Preema Vig reveals the anti-ageing options for your 50s that don’t involve going under the knife

Patients in their 50s generally suffer a drop in the level of oestrogen while they are going through the menopause. This makes it difficult for skin to retain moisture, resulting in dry and sagging complexion, which gives skin a duller and more sallow appearance.

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