Beauty Solution – Asiana Wedding

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Tummy Toning Q. I’m looking for a pain-free treatment to tighten my tummy area. I’ve tried exercise and diet, but I can’t get rid of a small stubborn area. A. There are several effective high-tech treatments out there to pick from. One of my favourites is Velashape III (from... read more

Sun Safety Tips

The summer may be coming to an end in some parts of the world, but it’s only just beginning in other places. So whether you’re able to bask in the sun at home, or are soaking up rays while on holiday, remember that skin safety should always come first.... read more

Work It Out: Dr Preema in Harpers Bazaar

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Dr Preema was interviewed by Harpers Bazaar for their series on successful working women and how they maintain a work-life balance.

Cosmetic Beauty Guide 2016

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Known for her excellent listening skills, Dr Vig finds out how you see yourself and will advise you on what’s going to work on your face and what’s not.

Cosmetic Beauty Guide 2016 Brides Magazine & Condenast:

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An expert touch and natural results are the top secrets behind Dr Preema's A-list popularity.

LGS Autumn Newsletter

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I was introduced by one of my clients recently to Dr Preema, one of the top botox and filler doctors in London who also offers non-surgical laser facials.

Kylie v Kim – Best Magazine

“Kylie looks fresh without appearing frozen” Dr Preema Vig, a cosmetic doctor who runs her own clinic in London, says: ‘Wow, Kylie does look amazing at 47. She proves you don’t have to give into the ageing process, or look like you’ve had “work” done. ‘Her skin texture and... read more

Stay Safe In The Sun – MSN UK

What are the best ingredients to look for in a sunscreen?

Jet Set beauty – Pure Beauty Mag

Beach Retreat A long-haul getaway will hopefully include lots of sunshine. Dr Preema Vig, the Medical Director of Dr Preema London and the Medical Director of Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols, says even if a customer wants to go for a lower SPF on their body, always advise them... read more

Barcode lips in BelAge

Previously all attention was drawn to caring for the eye area, but there is a new space for concern that is just as vulnerable to ageing – the upper lip. Known to doctors as the perioral lip wrinkles they were previously coined as ‘smoker’s lines’

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