CUTERA Laser Treatments

Cutera Laser Facials With Zero Down Time.

Laser Genesis™: for plumping fine lines and wrinkles works on promoting vibrant and healthy looking skin by creating a thermal response in the dermis that stimulates new collagen. By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis improves the appearance of wrinkles through collagen stimulation & naturally promotes a healthy look. Laser Genesis also reduces redness, improves pore size & texture of the skin.
Over the course of 4 to 6 treatments, Laser Genesis can help restore the skins youthful glow and appearance. The individual treatment results are subtle but the overall effects of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.
This is safe for all skin types.
To achieve optimal results 4 to 6 treatments are required 2-4 weeks apart and then maintenance one treatment every 3-4 months.

IPL LimeLight® Pulsed Light Laser Facial Treatment:
This is targeted IPL acting on the skin surface to enhance an even skin time.
LimeLight works on removing or lightening the appearance of pigmented brown/sun spots by melanin absorption and works on the small vascular lesions by coagulation the blood vessels.
The face, neck & décolletage can be treated.
Multiple treatments will be needed to obtain optimal results. On average 2-6 treatments, 4 weeks apart.
This is safe for skin types 1-3.

Titan® Infra Red Laser treatment : Titan® – the first tailored infrared light source for non-surgical tightening and lifting by sustained deep dermal heating and therefore stimulating new collagen growth deep beneath the skin surface.
For use on the face, neck, abdomen and more. Titan® treatments are safe and comfortable, made so by continuous epidermal cooling. Safe on all skin types and tanned skin and most body parts including the abdomen, upper arms & knees.
4 treatments, one every 4 weeks and then 1 treatment once a year thereafter. Collagen remodelling takes 3-6 months.

Cutera’s 3D Skin Rejuvenation / 3D Revitalise Therapy takes a simultaneous yet three-tiered approach to revitalising your appearance for all of these conditions at 3 different depths:

  1. Limelight™ at the skin’s surface for red & brown Spots
  2. Laser Genesis™ at the papillary dermis for fine lines & wrinkles,
  3. Titan™ at the deep dermis for lifting and tightening.
Cutera 2D Dr Preema Revitalise Therapy takes a two-tiered approach at the mid and deep dermis for olive coloured skins who cannot have Limelight® (IPL) due to increased risk of hyper pigmentation!

  1. Laser Genesis™ at the papillary dermis for fine lines & wrinkles,
  2. Titan® at the deep dermis for lifting and tightening.

Nd:YAG 1064 Laser Vascular Treatment: works by coagulating the blood vessels or vascular lesion on the face. Multiple treatments may required.

Nd:YAG 1064 Laser Hair Reduction: works on the growing hairs (anagen) & not the dormant hairs. It will require several treatments to obtain a significant, long term reduction of hair growth. it is only effective on hair with color and does not treat white, grey, blond, or red hair.

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