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December 2017

I am so happy with what you do that I want to try other treatments

My daughter told me that if when I move to london I must only see you! 

Thank you for my beautiful upper lip ❤

I finally booked an appointment with you after much consideration and so many personal recommendations. I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet you and see the results! I feel so confident about the decision and reassured after speaking to your receptionist today! Looking forward to it 😊

I am so grateful to have met you and for everything you have done for me.

I am new to you but you treat all my cousins for their lips! That’s why I am here.

My daughter is 17 and she is insisting on having her lips done and the only person I trust is you! I am from the Middle East and you treated me exactly 1 year ago and as I couldn’t come to the UK in summer I refused to have treatment in my own country and I was scared and hence I waited 1 year for treatment to see you. You do natural treatments! 

My goodness! You have changed my experience of having my lips done! I was traumatised 3 years ago and that’s why I couldn’t have it done again! 
But my sister in law to be, trusts you and so I have come to you and it didn’t hurt! Omg! Thank you! 

I landed today from Houston and got off the plane and came straight to you! Only you know how to do my botox.

Just wanted to say I LOVE my lippies. LOVE them. All my friends are going to come to you. So natural and such a pleasant experience – can’t wait to come back.

I only trust you with my lips I would never let anyone else touch my lips and I have been seeing you for 10 years. I live all over the world and always come back to London to see you.

The reason why I come to you is that you know to tell me if I do not need treatment. You are truthful.

I was referred by one of my close friends and he highly recommended you to do my lips! I have been so excited to get this done!!!!! 

The reason why I am coming to see you is that you have treated my sister and it is funny because my sister said that if you would like to have a natural treatment you go and see Dr Preema.

I was traumatised 8 years ago having my lips done and so never attempted this again… today I can’t believe how little discomfort there was with no anaesthetic at all and your hand is so light!

You always do subtle treatments and that’s why I have been seeing you for 8 years … you are brilliant and you just get it!
I send everyone to you and I am from NYC! 

My treatments looked so natural that everyone said that I look so well.

Thank you for keeping me fresh faced all year.

You always know just what to do, I leave my face in your hands.

You are so amazing as you will tell people when they don’t need treatments. I have told my friend to come to you as she has no lines and I know that you will send her away if she doesn’t need any treatment.

I have been referred by one of my closest friends and I became jealous of how she looked and she told me that you were her secret.

I have been seeing you for years and because I couldn’t come to London I had my lips done in Dubai and have been really disappointed. I have finally managed to get back to London and I want you to dissolve my fillers in my lips and to start again! I trust you.

I waited to see you and I would not let anyone touch my lips in Kuwait.

I am loyal to you as I follow you everywhere.

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