I researched so much and read all about the doctors in London and I felt that you were the best in London as you correctly say: “less is more”

I was referred by Tabitha and you did amazing lips!

You have treated so many of my friends… And now I have flown in for the day to see you! I trust my gut and I trust you!

Hi Dr Preema!!! How are you? Need an appointment for Yasmine I didn’t let her do anything in UAE and told her to wait and see you. she is coming for few days and has a wedding on Sunday. Do you have any appointments on Thursday or Friday or even Saturday if you have a clinic???

I will fly to london to see you!

Hi Preema, I’m so happy with everything you’ve done today. Thank you so much

You are the famous lip doctor and you have done all my friends lips and they are so natural !

Wow Dr Preema! Look at the difference!

Lovely ladies!
Preema, AM is a great New York friend who will be in London 13 May. Saw her last night and she loved my Juvéderm results thanks to you!! By the way, will focus on my neck next time 🙂
Can I put you both in touch and hope you still have a space left that Friday?
Big hugs xxxx

Preema, the reaction is fab! I saw someone on friday who hasn’t seen me for a while and she said I looked so young! Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and had to let her know I had been to you! I’ve passed on your number!

Thank you so much for today – I love my face and its boosted my confidence so much. I will sleep so happily tonight – you are amazing with your work and appreciate your kindness towards me.

Preema- you are a star!! Thank you again for your expertise. We are both so happy. xxxx

Hello Preema, just to say thank you. my botox forehead looks great. All the best…

I just wanted to thank you for this afternoon. Your positive attitude, patience, humour and good nature made everything so much easier. To be honest with you, I have never felt less scared trying a new procedure than I did this time. As a result I am now considering doing a jaw line lift using Botox as opposed to filler (I am thinking it could be easier than filing the grooves around the jawline. But I think it would be best to come consult you after I return from my trip before making a final decision)! Anyway, thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon. All the best…

Preema honey, thank you so much for you kindness both for listening and your advice and the wonderful facial I had, you are one in a million.

I have woken up looking ten years younger!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity Preema.

Love my face this morning – cant stop smiling!

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