Just to say thank you so much for the most wonderful facial. It made a very hectic month so much better!!
Skin is glowing and I have revoked with Yvonne who is just the sweetest in 2 weeks time ❤
I’ll be hooked!! Xxxx

When I researched you more and more I did like the sound of you and how you do your treatments. You have done my lips amazingly so natural!

Wow! I am from California and I have never had such painless botox!!! Wow!

Preema I absolutely LOVE my lippies. They are so natural but so full and they complete my face. Couldn’t ask for a better result! Every weekend i wake up i look forward to taking them out! Haha Thank you so much xxxxx

(Post lips) I am so so happy! I just love them!

Just got home and have been analysing my face. You’re the best. Thank you so much. xxxx

The Venus Legacy ™ has worked so well on my smokers lines around my mouth and also the lines on my cheeks.

You know I trust you! Do whatever you want

I really love the result of my lips – I was nervous at first but my friends have all come to you and they are flying in from the Middle East to see you …. you are amazing!

I have given your name to my friends as I trust you!!!!

Since you did my botox people have said that I look so good but they can’t tell what I have done!!!

I still come to you as you understand me..

After she did my cheeks and I had so many positive comments saying I look really well but no one could tell!

Wow this is the first time I had my lips done and no anaesthetic and I didn’t feel a thing! It was just a pinch!!! You have such a light hand

No bruising and no swelling after my tear trough treatment today – looks amazing – thank you so much – A

I was introduced to Preema and love her gentle approach for ‘first timers’.

I saw you for the first time last May and had filler to enhance my cheekbones and chin. It was very subtle yet I had quite a few compliments about how well I looked. I now feel emboldened and would like to have a top up to give me even more definition in these areas, although I’ll obviously be guided by you as to what’s appropriate.

You make the most difference to my life by the treatments that you do to my face – Thank you so so much

Even when you do can you do canula treatment you are so gentle & I always appreciate that

I love your clinic – it is so calming and you deserve having an amazing clinic. – M

This is an exceptional clinic! I love the way that you have decorated it and your style!

I don’t allow anyone to touch my face with fillers in Kuwait now… only you… – E

Truly you deserve the best as you are such a lovely person! You are known in the gulf & your reputation is so good! – M

We have been seeing you for years…I always tell My friends to come to you but one of my friends found the wrong doctor and I could tell that it wasn’t your work! My mother admires you and you are not just a great doctor but a wonderful person!

I just trust you! I live in the Middle East and my first lips were with you and my first tox is with you! No one notices and that’s the key

I would just not go to anyone else! My mum flew in from Germany to see you and now she won’t go to anyone else. – AS

Omg! The botox just lifted me!!! – MG

I have been in Miami over the last 2 weeks & I have had millions of compliments – you will be seeing a lot of my friends – JP

I have again flown in from NYC enroute to Kuwait and I do not trust anyone there so I fly into london to transit to see you – F

I only trust you for my treatments – I fly from Saudi to see you as I see other people being treated that and they don’t look natural! – S

I only trust you to do my daughters lips before she goes to Boston for uni!

I brought my friend in as she is so intrigued to see what you do and she loves the way that you do all my friends

Dr I fly in to see you every six months and I will only let you do my lips as I see a lot of work out there which I don’t like! You do natural treatments. I am going to film you on Snapchat until all my friends to see you! International client

Hi, I’m back in Oman, wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely lips and you are so sweet. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope I’ll manage to come back in a few months for a refill. – I

How will I find someone in the gulf to do my lips??!!! I only trust you!

Wow! That didn’t hurt! Why do people say that the lip treatment hurt?

I sent my friend to you & she thanked me as she now has found her doctor! She has told her husband that she needs to fly to London every 6 months to be seen…

She is the best for my eyes and my lips and I fly in twice a year to see her from Kuwait – S

I am so happy with what you do that I want to try other treatments

My daughter told me that if when I move to london I must only see you!

Thank you for my beautiful upper lip ❤

I finally booked an appointment with you after much consideration and so many personal recommendations. I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet you and see the results! I feel so confident about the decision and reassured after speaking to your receptionist today! Looking forward to it 😊

I am so grateful to have met you and for everything you have done for me.

I am new to you but you treat all my cousins for their lips! That’s why I am here.

My daughter is 17 and she is insisting on having her lips done and the only person I trust is you! I am from the Middle East and you treated me exactly 1 year ago and as I couldn’t come to the UK in summer I refused to have treatment in my own country and I was scared and hence I waited 1 year for treatment to see you. You do natural treatments! 

My goodness! You have changed my experience of having my lips done! I was traumatised 3 years ago and that’s why I couldn’t have it done again! 
But my sister in law to be, trusts you and so I have come to you and it didn’t hurt! Omg! Thank you! 

I landed today from Houston and got off the plane and came straight to you! Only you know how to do my botox.

Just wanted to say I LOVE my lippies. LOVE them. All my friends are going to come to you. So natural and such a pleasant experience – can’t wait to come back.

I only trust you with my lips I would never let anyone else touch my lips and I have been seeing you for 10 years. I live all over the world and always come back to London to see you.

The reason why I come to you is that you know to tell me if I do not need treatment. You are truthful.

I was referred by one of my close friends and he highly recommended you to do my lips! I have been so excited to get this done!!!!! 

The reason why I am coming to see you is that you have treated my sister and it is funny because my sister said that if you would like to have a natural treatment you go and see Dr Preema.

I was traumatised 8 years ago having my lips done and so never attempted this again… today I can’t believe how little discomfort there was with no anaesthetic at all and your hand is so light!

You always do subtle treatments and that’s why I have been seeing you for 8 years … you are brilliant and you just get it!
I send everyone to you and I am from NYC! 

My treatments looked so natural that everyone said that I look so well.

Thank you for keeping me fresh faced all year.

You always know just what to do, I leave my face in your hands.

You are so amazing as you will tell people when they don’t need treatments. I have told my friend to come to you as she has no lines and I know that you will send her away if she doesn’t need any treatment.

I have been referred by one of my closest friends and I became jealous of how she looked and she told me that you were her secret.

I have been seeing you for years and because I couldn’t come to London I had my lips done in Dubai and have been really disappointed. I have finally managed to get back to London and I want you to dissolve my fillers in my lips and to start again! I trust you.

I waited to see you and I would not let anyone touch my lips in Kuwait.

I am loyal to you as I follow you everywhere.

It feels so relaxing in here. I only come to you for my lips. There are many doctors back home in the Middle East doing lips, but you are the best.

You are so honest and that’s why I come to you. Other doctors will say that I need everything, but you allowed me to feel better about myself and still let me look natural. You have so many clients you could be anywhere and people would just follow you.

I live in Geneva and I fly over just to see you to do my lips.

I live in the Middle East and you have been treating me for the last six years! The last time I had my lips done was two years ago. I travel to London just to see you as I only let you touch my lips! I only trust you!

You are very honest so we travel to the UK just to see you.

You are such a lovely and popular lady Dr Preema

I come to you for your natural results

I am needle phobic and I don’t even have blood tests but I let you inject my face without any anaesthetic.
I trust you and it’s your bedside manner and the relationship that we have developed over the years… I only trust you.

You come very highly recommended by my friend Beata who visits you for wrinkle relaxing treatments.

It was lovely to meet you today and I wanted to say thank you for your time and indeed your honesty. It was refreshing!

I would only ever come to you.

I had lip fillers done in Kuwait as I couldn’t get to you in London, and I regretted it! I am here for a few days and so I came to see you straight away as I loved how you did my lips!

I researched so much and read all about the doctors in London and I felt that you were the best in London as you correctly say: “less is more”

I was referred by Tabitha and you did amazing lips!

You have treated so many of my friends… And now I have flown in for the day to see you! I trust my gut and I trust you!

Hi Dr Preema!!! How are you? Need an appointment for Yasmine I didn’t let her do anything in UAE and told her to wait and see you. she is coming for few days and has a wedding on Sunday. Do you have any appointments on Thursday or Friday or even Saturday if you have a clinic???

I will fly to london to see you!

Hi Preema, I’m so happy with everything you’ve done today. Thank you so much

You are the famous lip doctor and you have done all my friends lips and they are so natural !

Wow Dr Preema! Look at the difference!

Lovely ladies!
Preema, AM is a great New York friend who will be in London 13 May. Saw her last night and she loved my Juvéderm results thanks to you!! By the way, will focus on my neck next time 🙂
Can I put you both in touch and hope you still have a space left that Friday?
Big hugs xxxx

Preema, the reaction is fab! I saw someone on friday who hasn’t seen me for a while and she said I looked so young! Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and had to let her know I had been to you! I’ve passed on your number!

Thank you so much for today – I love my face and its boosted my confidence so much. I will sleep so happily tonight – you are amazing with your work and appreciate your kindness towards me.

Preema- you are a star!! Thank you again for your expertise. We are both so happy. xxxx

Hello Preema, just to say thank you. my botox forehead looks great. All the best…

I just wanted to thank you for this afternoon. Your positive attitude, patience, humour and good nature made everything so much easier. To be honest with you, I have never felt less scared trying a new procedure than I did this time. As a result I am now considering doing a jaw line lift using Botox as opposed to filler (I am thinking it could be easier than filing the grooves around the jawline. But I think it would be best to come consult you after I return from my trip before making a final decision)! Anyway, thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon. All the best…

Preema honey, thank you so much for you kindness both for listening and your advice and the wonderful facial I had, you are one in a million.

I have woken up looking ten years younger!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity Preema.

Love my face this morning – cant stop smiling!

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