Facial thread veins are a very common problem that can affect all ages. There are a range of reasons for their appearance which include weather, diet, hereditary, pregnancy genetics and age, to name a few. Thermavein Technology has been widely used in the medical world for years and has only recently become available to the wider market. The treatment of this condition using thermopane is safe, instant and effective.

This is a walk-in walk-out treatment with very little downtime. Redness is usual after the treatment but this can be covered with make up.

Any skin type and age can be treated.

Most conditions require between one and three treatments but results may vary,

Over 100,000 treatments worldwide.

There are no known side-effects.

This is a unique treatment and the technology has no other comparable including laser and IPL treatments.

Thermavein has been featured on BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

How it works:

A tiny probe, the size of a human hair, is rested above the vein to close it together. The Next step is to deliver a 0.2 seconds pulse of heat to seal the vein & the process is repeated along the length of the vein until it is permanently closed. The blood is naturally absorbed into the body and the vein ceases to exist.
The whole process takes minutes and most people report no discomfort whatsoever.

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