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Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a condition that 95% of women will suffer from at some point in their lives. Cellulite appears as dimpled and lumpy skin on areas such as the buttocks, thighs and tummy. It occurs when fat deposits are pushed through the connective tissues beneath the skin. However, cellulite isn’t a condition only experienced by those who are overweight; it can affect even the most slender of women.

At the Dr Preema London Clinic, here in the heart of London, we understand that cellulite can be a nuisance and in some cases, can really affect people’s quality of life. This is why we are proud to offer two of the leading cellulite treatments available.

There are 5 main causes of cellulite: 

  • Enlarged fat chambers
  • Damaged collagen fibres within the skin
  • Loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Metabolic waste accumulation

BTL EmTone™

BTL EmTone™

A device-led cellulite treatment, EmTone simultaneously treats the five causes of cellulite in a safe and effective way.

Areas treated:

  •  Buttocks
  • Front of thighs
  • Back of thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks

How does BTL EmTone™ work?

EmTone employs the clinically-proven technologies of radio frequency (RF) and targeted pressure energy in a hand-held, clinic device. Both these technologies are proven to increase the production of collagen, which increases the skin’s elasticity. With a controlled temperature application, the amount of fatty deposits in any affected area are reduced. The pressure on the connective strands means that the fibrous structures relax and reduce the underlying tension in the skin, which create that dimpled effect.

How do I know I am suitable for BTL EmTone™?

If you have visible areas of cellulite and are fit and healthy, then the chances are that you will be able to undergo a treatment of BTL EmTone™. However, prior to any treatment here at Dr Preema London, we will invite you to attend a no obligation consultation, so we can ascertain your individual concerns and advise on the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

How long does a BTL EmTone™ treatment last?

The heat and shock waves need to be applied to the cellulite-affected area for around 10 minutes each area, therefore, depending on the number of areas to be treated, the process can last between 10 and 60 minutes.

Does a treatment with BTL EmTone™ hurt?

BTL EmTone™ is a completely painless, safe and effective treatment, feeling rather like a hot stone massage with vibrations. As it is a non-surgical procedure there is no need for anaesthetic or an overnight stay in hospital. You can return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment, with very little side-effects apart from some tenderness and slight swelling, which will subside in a day or so.

When will I see results?

In some cases, results can be seen after one session and will continue to improve over the coming weeks, following your treatment course. On average, around 6 sessions will be required to produce long-term results. Your practitioner will discuss with you how to maintain your results with a good diet and healthy exercise regime.

Will BTL EmTone™ work on men?

Although women are more likely to develop cellulite, men are definitely not immune to the condition and we have seen some superb results on our male patients. The treatment will work in exactly the same way for both men and women and for any skin type.


  • Duration of procedure: 20-45 minutes depending on areas
  • Comfort level: Comfortable
  • Downtime: Nil or very little side-effects apart from some tenderness and slight swelling, which will subside in a day or so
  • Course: 6-8 Treatments; 1 treatment twice weekly
  • Action to take effect: 4-6 weeks
  • Duration of effect 6 months depending on lifestyle
  • Maintenance: 1 treatment every 3-6 months

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