T-Shape 2 

The Ultimate Treatment

T-Shape 2 is an FDA-approved treatment that is customisable to your individual skin concerns. The unique combination of technologies will improve the appearance of your body and help you to achieve the shape you desire.

T-Shape 2 combines four technologies to provide the ultimate treatment:

  • Radiofrequency for collagen production
  • LLLT Laser for reshaping
  • Vacuum suction for drainage
  • Mesoporation (micro current) to promote the absorption of products used during the treatment

Customised for your body

This customisable treatment allows us to target your individual needs at each session, achieving outcomes including:


  • Firmed skin
  • Improvement of cellulite
  • Reduction in fat cells
  • Reduction in circumference
  • Post treatment liposuction
  • Face lifting and compaction of the skin

How T Shape 2 Works

The combination of Bipolar Radiofrequency and LLLT Laser creates an INTENSE THERMAL HEAT in the connective tissues, including the fibrous septum. This promotes an increase in collagen deposits and cellular metabolism, leading to a considerable localised reduction in volume and skin looseness. The simultaneous function of the vacuum suction generates an immediate increase in blood circulation and of lymphatic drainage both of which are essential for improving overall health. The automatic rotation and sphere pressure of the new, ultra-modern mesosphere handpiece produces a micro-vibration that reaches the tissues directly, thus allowing complete processing of the skin and muscle.

At a glance

Course of Treatment

2 sessions a week, for at least 4 weeks

Appointment Time

1 hour

Comfort level


Action to take effect

3 months

Review appointment offered

As necessary

Duration of effect

Months dependant on lifestyle

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