Heavenly Hands

The pressure is on to show off heavenly hands, but just how far would you go for fabulous fingers?
While we all know our face can be a big giveaway when it comes to ageing, more people are realising the importance of overall appearance. Cosmetic surgeons have reported an increase in women seeking hand lifts to create the perfect engagement ring photo.
“The latest social media influences have driven a rise of ‘selfies’ and patients tend to see themselves more objectively and notice their faces and bodies can look much younger than their hands,” Dr Preema Vig told Cover Media. “With a growing number of career women, recent years have seen women getting married later and hence focus tends to move to the hands when they are engaged and notice their hands are starting to show signs of ageing.

“Due to the awareness of the health and anti-ageing benefits of being slimmer/fitter, older women are finding that the lack of ‘body fat’ from their hands can sometimes lead to ‘blue’ ‘prominent veins’ that can be ageing and quite often look much older than the rest of their body.”
There are a wide range of treatments available to turn back the hands of time.
Hyaluronic dermal fillers help to plump the area and smooth wrinkles, while fat grafts can also give weary digits a boost.
“Fat grafting helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands by adding volume under the skin to tighten it and reduce visibility of the network of veins,” former BAAPS president Fazel Fatah told Cover Media. “It also benefits the skin condition in the long term by looking fresher and younger.”

Resurfacing treatments are also proving popular, as they help to reduce the appearance of tell-tale brown spots and pigmentation.
While seeking professional help is on the increase, some people still prefer to rely on skincare products.
Most experts support the use of sunscreen, as sun damage is known to have an ageing effect. The sooner you start using it the better – so the next time you slather your face and neck in SPF, don’t forget about your hands.

The beauty market is awash with lotions and potions promising a youthful boost.
Applying a moisturising cream will keep your paws hydrated and combat brittle nails. Try to treat your hands to a nourishing cream before bed every night. ARK’s Anti-Ageing Hand & Nail Cream boasts an ultra-rich formula to soothe dry skin, restore suppleness and reduce the appearance of sun spots.

Read article on Sunday World – January 2015 and Yahoo Entertainment Singapore – January 2015