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My patients trust me because I listen to them and take the time to understand how they feel, before assessing and evaluating what they, as an individual patient, may be looking for and actually require. I specialise in ‘Natural results’ with subtle enhancements to maximise individual perfection

Body Room

Luxury, quality & comfort

The  First Clinic in the UK to Offer TruSculpt® Flex & Emsculpt® Combination Packages

Personalisation is key when it comes to achieving the body contouring results that you want, and a bespoke treatment that combines the most effective aesthetic treatments is the answer.

Dr Preema London clinic are the first clinic to offer a combination of the NEW TruSculpt® Flex and Emsculpt®, enabling our expert ‘Body Room’ team to identify your unique body needs and create a bespoke aesthetic total body makeover for you.


Luxury, quality & comfort

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What They Say

I have come to you as you have treated my friend – I never knew that she was having Botox and lips with you!!!! This is why I am here! I trust you.

I sent my mum to you and she absolutely loved her Botox and lip fillers as they looked so natural!

I bumped into my friend and found out that she was 49 and I had to ask her how she looks so young? My friend responded with well I have been seeing Preema for 10 years and she keeps me young… So I feel that I can really trust you as I have seen your work, she looks so natural and I would have never been able to guess her age!!!

Your work is so amazing and that’s why I’ve come to see you as my friend looks fantastic and you gave her so much confidence.

“Yes I have come in for my profile out again as I am simply loving these results! I feel airbrushed.”

“Do you know that all your work on my face looks so nice and people can’t tell I’ve had any work done, so much so my best friend who is my maid of honour and bridesmaids is coming to see you tomorrow as she was so impressed.”

“Oh my goodness this is so comfortable not like when I’ve had it done before.”

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