Calecim® Stem Cell Hair Treatment 

What is Calecim®  Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

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Derived from over a decade of research, Calecim® stem cells are unique in that they contain a high concentration of specialized growth factors and cytokines that can stimulate cellular regeneration and repair. Often used on the face to improve skin texture, tone and firmness, Calecim®have recently launched their new Advanced Hair System to encourage hair regrowth.

How does the Calecim® Stem Cell treatment work?

Using our digital microscopic camera, your practitioner will perform an in-depth assessment of your scalp to advise on treatment suitability and expected results for the Calecim® stem cell hair treatment. 

Your treatment will then begin with an exfoliation of the treatment area to remove dead skin cells and improve penetrability, before gently introducing the Calecim® stem cells into the scalp using our Derma FNS™ medical needling device.

This process is repeated across six, weekly treatments in-clinic. Additional home-care treatments may be recommended by your practitioner depending on your individual needs. 

Calecim Stem Cell Hair Treatment at Dr Preema London Clinic increases follicle cell production
Dr Preema London clinic uses a digital micrcopic camera to view patients scalps and hair folicals before begining Calecim Stem Cells Hair Treatment

An example of the front of the scalp when viewed through our digital microscopic camera

An example of the front of hair from the side when viewed through our digital microscopic camera

Calecim Stem Cell Hair Treatment at Dr Preema London Clinic reduces follicle imflammation

What are the expected results?

Expected results include: 

  • Hair follicles are strengthened and reinvigorated at the root, to support growth and renewal
  • Increased hair density for thicker, stronger and healthier hair
  • Regrowth in weak or thinning hair
  • Hair follicle function is optimized
  • Increased protection against inflammatory stressors that cause damage to hair roots
  • No harmful side effects and is 100% naturally derived from stem cells

 *Individual results may vary

What Areas can be Treated?

Our patients have seen great results with Calecim® Stem Cells on areas including their scalp, sideburns and beard.

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