Research has shown that it takes under 10 seconds to make an impression, so if you want yours to count, Aesthetic Expert, Dr Preema Vig is the key contact you need on speed dial. A renowned name in London’s ‘little black book’ of beauty experts, Dr Preema is sought after for her remarkable skill in achieving exquisite, natural results by lifting and rejuvenating the visage with injectables. In fact, she’s the perfect choice for clients wanting to put their best face forward

Dr Preema Vig is an Advanced Aesthetic Doctor and former General Practitioner specialising in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation. Her accolades in the industry include being featured in Tatler’s Finest, the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide in 2020, and previously 2019 and 2014. She has also appeared Conde Nast’s Brides Cosmetic Beauty Guide 2016 and Harper’s Bazaar.

As a result of such high profile exposure, Dr Preema is in demand with a wide-ranging clientele including models and professional athletes, to TV personalities and actors. Her private practice, Dr Preema London Clinic, at 4 Chandos Street, Marylebone, London, is a mecca for those seeking the very best in non-surgical aesthetics.

After graduating in 1997 from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London, Dr Preema Vig went on to gain extensive medical and surgical experience at a number of London hospitals.

She completed her postgraduate training and qualified as a General Practitioner in 2003, gaining membership to the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners. Alongside this, in 2003 Dr Preema also trained in facial aesthetics, giving her over 17 years of experience in the specialist aesthetic field.

During her 17 years of private practice, and her 10-year former role as Medical Director at Beyond MediSpa - Harvey Nichols, London, Dr Preema has been personally responsible for the care of thousands of patients, alongside leading a skilled team of aesthetic practitioners.

With a natural aptitude for leadership, Dr Preema was the first doctor to be medically responsible for the first CoolSculpting® machine in the UK in 2010 and today continues to oversee CoolSculpting® treatments by medical aestheticians in both clinics.

As well as practising results-based aesthetic treatments, Dr Preema regularly attends conferences and advanced training seminars to keep her skills at the forefront of the Aesthetic field. This knowledge allows her to continue developing exciting new and bespoke treatments such as her latest laser led Fusion Facial. This commitment also means that her patients can be reassured that they receive the highest level of both medical and professional care.

Dr Preema Vig is a member of

British College of Aesthetic Medicine (MBCAM)

International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics (IAAFA),

International Institute of Anti Aging (IIAA)

General Medical Council (GMC)

British Medical Association (BMA)

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)


The days where a 'pillow face' or 'trout pout' signaled a recent trip to the aesthetics clinic are far behind us. A fresher, smoother looking face is the ultimate goal and 'Natural results' are Dr Preema's trademark signature. With delighted clients spreading the word, Dr Preema has found that her ever-increasing demand is largely generated through recommendation.

"My patients trust me because I listen to them and take the time to understand how they feel, before assessing and evaluating what they, as an individual patient, may be looking for and actually require. I specialise in 'Natural results' with subtle enhancements to maximise individual perfection".


Dr Preema Vig has a bespoke stepwise management system and a 'let the patient be ready for treatment' approach. This combined with her fast yet extremely light injectable handwork (based on feedback from patients that have had treatment elsewhere historically) has resulted in the majority of her patients not requiring local anaesthetic numbing cream or dental blocks.

"I trust my intuition when I meet my patients and when I am treating them. I am honest and treat everyone equally (irrespective of their status) and will turn patients away if the requested treatment is not necessary".


Dr Preema was the first doctor to oversee and be medically responsible for the first CoolSculpting® machine in the U.K. in 2010. Dr Preema oversees her in-house highly trained medical aestheticians at the Dr Preema London Clinic to perform:

CoolSculpting® treatments

Venus Legacy™ Radio Frequency treatments for skin tightening and cellulite smoothing

No down time Cutera Laser Facials

Dr Preema Medical Grade Fusion Facials using advanced cosmeceutical skin care iS Clinical & Intraceuticals combining Radio Frequency & Laser Genesis™


Dr Preema Vig’s magic touch, particularly to the lower face, has been much revered. She carries out facial contouring and sculpting to give a more defined shape to the face by restoring lost volume brought about by natural ageing or weightloss, creating a mid face lift and softening deep folds and lines including:

Defining the cheek bones

Replacing mid face volume loss

Replacing temple volume loss

Plumping earlobes

Straightening the nose

Using the “8 point lift” or MD Codes using Juvederm® to lift the face.

Straightening the jaw line by diminishing the appearance of the jowl.

Softening nose to mouth lines

Softening and lifting marionette lines, lip corners

Giving the lips back their definition and lost volume which occurs with age

Plumping, hydrating and refreshing the skin on the face, neck, décolletage and the backs of the hands.

Additional advanced skincare and medical grade facial treatments are performed by in-house senior Medical Aestheticians at the Dr Preema London Clinic.


Upper face lower face Wrinkle relaxing treatments including;

The frown, worry lines and crows feet

The "bunny lines"

The "pebbly chin"

Slimming the face and/or softening a wide jaw

Improve teeth grinding

Tightening the jawline

Tightening the skin of the neck and décolletage

Reducing sweating and perspiration (hyperhidrosis)


Dr Preema Vig has 23 years of experience as a doctor and over 17 years experience of facial injecting, specialising in Botox and Dermal fillers. Her extensive injectable facial rejuvenation experience has meant that she is an Aesthetic Injector as opposed to an Aesthetic Doctor working across a portfolio of treatments.

Her achievements to date include winner of "NHS Health Superstar GP of the year" awarded by the Kensington and Chelsea PCT.

With a reputation as a forerunner in the industry, Dr Preema is regularly asked to speak at events, and has been interviewed and quoted a number of times in national newspapers and magazines, such as Tatler, Brides Magazine, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Mayfair Times, The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine, Psychologies, Good Housekeeping, Look Magazine, Zest Magazine, Asia Spa and The Ultimate Beauty Guide.


Director Dr Preema London Clinic

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