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What are Calecim®  Stem Cells?

Calecim® is made from the umbilical cord lining of a Red Deer. It contains two types of stem cells, Epithelial cells and Mesenchymal stem cells. All Calecim® products contain a patented protein mix derived from these and allows it to rejuvenate and renew each layer of the skin.


Harnessing cutting-edge wound-healing technology, Calecim®  helps regenerate skin, anti-aging and hair restoration.


Wounds break bodily tissue. According to skin scientists wounds and skin ageing are similar. “Our skin is assaulted on a daily basis,” says Prof Phan Toan Thang of National University of Singapore’s Department of Surgery. “Skin ages when its intrinsic repair mechanisms can no longer keep up with such injuries because the cells responsible for repair either fail or are depleted.”

Stem cells have a powerful ability to generate different kinds of cells and also been shown to significantly speed up wound healing and regenerate skin. Stem cells ‘communicate’ with surrounding cells to help to reduce inflammation and renew skin cells.

How Calecim® Stem Cells are used at Dr Preema London Clinic

  Although effective as a standalone treatment, we recommended combining Calecim® with treatments including Secret RF and Medical Needling, which allows us to deliver the stem cells directly into the deepest layers of the skin and provide enhanced results. Calecim® can reduce any post-treatment downtime by decreasing redness and swelling.

Calecim® stem cells have been shown to improve skin texture, tone and firmness, as well as to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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