Dr Preema’s quotes

There has also been an increase in patients wanting minimally invasive treatments this year. Aesthetic practitioner Dr Preema Vig says her patients are now requesting a more natural-looking outcome to their treatments. “This year has been all about the ‘tweakment’ little treatments that tweak rather than tuck. My patients’ want subtle treatments, to look rested, uplifted and refreshed – not like they’ve just had a procedure done.”

Although the mainstay of most aesthetic clinics still tends to be dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, Dr Vig believes that aesthetic body treatments have proved very popular this year, especially fat freezing treatments. “There has been a number of cryolipolysis devices launched in 2015 and I’ve definitely seen an influx of patients wanting these procedures.” Mr Richards has also noticed the patient demand for fat freezing treatments, “These treatments weren’t big last year but this year they certainly are. Lots of colleagues have told me how popular these treatments are and commented on the amount of enquiries they have had.”

Reflecting on the issues faced by the aesthetics industry in 2015, Dr Vig suggests that the ‘selfie culture’ on social media is causing patients to over-analyse their appearance and leads them to seeking out treatments they don’t necessarily need. “I’ve seen an increase in requests from younger patients for aesthetic treatments,” Dr Vig explains. “Whereas normally I might not see a patient until their late 30s, 40s or older, I have now seen women in their 20s wanting procedures. I think there is a fixation on looking perfect and it’s causing people to hone in on tiny imperfections just because of a certain angle on a photograph or ‘selfie’, when in real life, it isn’t obvious.”