“I always get dry and cracked hands in the winter. How can I avoid this?”

Dr Preema Vig: As the temperature drops in the winter it can start to affect your skin, especially your hands. The cool, harsh air can cause hands to become dehydrated, dry and start to crack, however, there are a few ways to help you combat this. Firstly, exfoliate your hands once or twice a week – try to make this a routine in the winter. Removing the dead skin cells on your hands helps polish away the cracked appearance and will improve skin cell turnover, as well as stimulate the collagen and elastin production. Following exfoliation, I recommend finding a good, natural hand cream or balm. Look out for products which are anti-microbial and fragrance free as these are perfect for the hands. I recommend IS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm, which is designed for weak, irritated and sensitive skin and helps repair it.