Tummy Toning

Q. I’m looking for a pain-free treatment to tighten my tummy area. I’ve tried exercise and diet, but I can’t get rid of a small stubborn area.

A. There are several effective high-tech treatments out there to pick from. One of my favourites is Velashape III (from £200, per treatment drhausdermatology.com) the non-invasive body shaping treatment combines four technologies, bi-polar radio-frequency, infrared light energy along with mechanical and vacuum tissue massage. This unique mix of technologies heats and shrinks fat cells, while the massage action encourages lymphatic drainage to smooth the skin. Each treatment takes around half an hour and a course of four is recommended. This is a great option for tightening small areas of lose skin on the tummy, arms, back and thighs.
Another option is Venus Legacy (from £150 per treatment, drpreema.com) – this pain free skin-tightening device breaks down fat cells and stimulates more skin tightening collagen and elastin fibres. After a course of around six sessions, users reported tighter feeling skin.