BRIDES – February 2017

Thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure to fix pesky wrinkles or signs of ageing? Our definitive list of the best cosmetic doctors in the UK covers all your concerns to help enhance your look and make you feel fantastic in your own skin. Plus, there’s plenty here for your maids, mum and your man, too! In our must-have directory of the top cosmetic clinicians for ageless skin, all cosmetic doctors are properly accredited (if you’re considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, checking credentials is a must).

Dr Preema Vig

Known for her excellent listening skills, Dr Vig finds out how you see yourself and will advise you on what’s going to work on your face and what’s not. As medical director of both Harvey Nichols’s Beyond MediSpa and her own clinic in London, she uses a softly, softly approach to smooth away imperfections. That annoying ’11’ that’s been hanging between your eyebrows can be wiped away with some Botox or maybe you need the tiniest drop of filler in your lips for a fuller, younger pout.

Dr Vig was also one of the first doctors to offer Laser Genesis, a new rejuvenating laser that uses infrared waves (which feel like warm sunshine) to energise cells and stimulate collagen deep in the skin with zero downtime. Unlike other laser treatments, this can be used on people with darker or tanned skintones, too.