Many of us spend our lives juggling too much – but could leading a frazzled life be affecting us in ways we don’t even realise?

Whether it’s a high-flying job, a high maintenance relationship, or a brood of highly-strung children, many of us suffer from stress – a state of mental or emotional strain or tension.

Here we find out how stress affects us – and how we can combat it …


“Cortisol triggers inflammation, and affects skin cell renewal. Hence, dead skin cells build up, making your face look dull and lifeless,” explains Dr Preema Vig. “It also leads to an increase in oil production, which blocks pores and results in breakouts.”

TOP TIPS: “Regular exfoliations will boost skin’s radiance,” urges Preema. “Keep skin clear of surface dirt, oil and dead cells but don’t scrub, as this can irritate acne.”