Patients in their 50s generally suffer a drop in the level of oestrogen while they are going through the menopause. This makes it difficult for skin to retain moisture, resulting in dry and sagging complexion, which gives skin a duller and more sallow appearance. During their 50s, patients become concerned with loss of skin elasticity, diminished facial volume which can cause folds, deep wrinkles and sagging skin around the jawline. These skin concerns can be solved by injections of dermal filler combined with wrinkle relaxing treatments and powerful skinrejuvenation treatments to even skin tone, age spots and sun damage. A sagging jawline can also be helped by using a combination of injections of dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing treatments, to tighten and sculpt the jawline. Daily use of cosmecutical products are also recommend by Dr Preema and combined with a programme of face maintenance, will help you to maintain results, protect your skin and minimise signs of ageing.


A programme of effective Cosmeceutical skincare, non-invasive technology alongside small doses of wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments can produce very natural and effective results. A regime of effective daily skincare such as iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Youth Eye and Active serum encourages skin cell turnover and increases the penetration of actives such as hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate to deliver skin-plumping actives. This combined with regular medi-grade peels and technology based facial treatments such as microdermabrasion, Cool sculpting, Aqualyx and radio-frequency, can sculpt away jowls, boost collagen and elastin and improve skin texture and tone. This results in natural looking healthy, radiant and luminous skin that may only require enhancing with small doses of wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments and offers a true alternative to a dramatic face lift.

Dr Preema offers advice to the stars….

50’s – Demi Moore has always advocated having a good skin care routine, Dr Preema agrees:
“Never underestimate the results you can achieve with a clinically proven Cosmeceutical skincare line. Formulations from brands such at iS Clinical fuse the power of botanicals with scientifically proven actives to deliver visible improvements to the texture and tone of your skin whilst increasing radiance and lustre. Adopt a 3 step approach to your daily regime and ensure you 1: Deep Cleansing with the use of the Clarisonic and a anti-ageing cleanser 2. Moisturise and Hydrate, 3.Protect with SPF (swap in a peptide packed treatment serum for step 3 in the evening)”.

Dr Preema Vig of Dr Preema London, concentrates solely on injectables and is highly skilled at using dermal fillers and lower-face Botox. Dr Preema is based at her private practice, at 35 Devonshire Place, London and also at Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols, where she is the Medical Director. She is renowned for putting her patients at ease with her philosophy being, less is always more..