One treatment already making waves in the cosmetic world is ear-tox and if you wore heavy, dangly earrings in the 80s and 90s, this latest beauty craze will be music to your ears…or more specifically your earlobes.

Dr Preema Vig says: ‘Wearing heavy earrings can cause the holes from piercing to stretch into a bigger hole, causing damage to the soft flesh which does not heal and in extreme cases the lobe can even split in two.’ She adds: ‘Ear rejuvenation, also known, as ‘ear-tox’ is a new non-surgical treatment, which involves injecting a Hyaluronic dermal filler to strengthen and plump up the earlobes. I do this treatment regularly and I use Juvederm® – there is no numbing required as it really doesn’t hurt and only takes seconds!’

Dr Preema Vig is based at her private practice,35 Devonshire Place, London and also at Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols, where she is the Medical Director. She is renowned for putting her patients at ease with her philosophy being, less is always more..