2016 is the year to supercharge your face and body treatments with the latest technologies. From wrinkles to cellulite, Dr Preema Vig’s ‘less is more’ philosophy to aesthetic treatments, can help you solve your niggly problems easily. Making you look like you – just a little bit better…

Your problem: Facial thread veins

Dr Preema’s solution: THERMAVEIN

If you have facial thread veins you may have always wanted to do something about them, but haven’t because you thought that the procedure would be invasive and painful. Not anymore. Thermavein Technology has recently become available to the wider market and Dr Preema Vig offers it as a walk-in walkout treatment with very little downtime. How does it work?

A tiny probe, the size of a human hair, closes the vein permanently. The blood is naturally absorbed in the body and the vein disappears.

Dr Preema Vig, advanced aesthetic doctor, concentrates solely on injectables and is highly skilled at using dermal fillers and lower-face Botox. She has a private practice at 35 Devonshire Place, is the medical director of Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols and she is renowned for putting her patients at ease with her philosophy being, less is always more…

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