Facial contouring with dermal fillers: As time passes, our faces will start to change.

It’s inevitable and sometimes startling when we notice subtle alterations in our facial structure, shape and skin quality. All this can add up and although we may not be ready for or desire to go down the surgical route, we may be thinking of taking steps to rejuvenate and restructure our face shape, to help stave off the ravages of time.

Dr Preema is a renowned medical aesthetic practitioner and facial artist.

Using her needle and a precious substance called hyaluronic acid, encased within a gel matrix, she can take years off a patients face in a matter of minutes. Where she injects and what product she decides to use is all a matter of research, consultation, examination and the use of her extensive expertise in the world of cosmetic enhancement.

Dermal fillers for facial contouring

There are literally, hundreds of dermal fillers on the market today. Each offering unique and specific properties for different areas of the face. Dr Preema insists on using only the very best products in her clinic here in Marylebone, London. Following an extensive meeting with you to understand your requirements, will choose a specially designed product to tailor to your needs.

For example, if the cheeks require a rounder, more lifted appearance, she may decide to use Juvaderm® VOLUMA® a sculpting and shaping dermal filler from Allergan.

For a sagging, weak jawline, a dose of Juvaderm® VOLUX® may be required. Juvaderm® VOLUX is a new dermal filler from Allergan which has been developed specifically for the recontouring and restructuring of the lower face and jawline. Using VOLUX, Dr Preema is producing some astounding results, meaning that invasive surgery can be delayed or even avoided.

Dr Preema also uses VOLUX for chin augmentation, to enhance and reshape the chin – this improves overall facial appearance and side profile instantly.


Lip fillers

Dr Preema’s go-to lip filler is Juvederm Ultra Smile, which she has used throughout her decorated medical aesthetics career. Patients come to Dr Preema London looking for fuller, more hydrated lips, and Ultra Smile is Dr Preema’s choice.

As a great ‘all-rounder’ for lip augmentation, another product used regularly at Dr Preema London is Juvederm Volift®. This dermal filler is one of the latest products from Allergan, highest quality dermal fillers in terms of results for our patients.

As well as adding volume to the lip itself, Volift® can be used to define the lip’s contours and corners.


The best dermal filler technology

Juvederm Voluma®, Volift®, Volbella® and VOLUX® are designed using Allergan’s innovative ‘Vycross’ technology.

This essentially means that this product offers more effective cross-linking of the HA with the result being a lesser concentration than other dermal fillers, but produces the same facial contouring effect.

You will have less swelling after the treatment but will get the same great results. The addition of Lidocaine means that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Share your journey with Dr Preema Vig

With years of experience in dermal fillers for a range of facial concerns and using only the most reputable, safe and effective products, Dr Preema can enhance and beautify your face for a more youthful appearance, for years to come.

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