“Kylie looks fresh without appearing frozen”

Dr Preema Vig, a cosmetic doctor who runs her own clinic in London, says:
‘Wow, Kylie does look amazing at 47. She proves you don’t have to give into the ageing process, or look like you’ve had “work” done.
‘Her skin texture and tone appears uniform, bright and luminous. Sure, genetics play a part, but I think she’s been very clever with whatever she may have had done. ‘For example, she still has “nasolabial folds” around her mouth, which gives her face some character.
‘If a woman in her 40s and beyond is looking to cosmetic treatments, there’s no need for it to be drastic.
‘I’d presume Kylie started having non-invasive treatments back in her 30s, perhaps having laser resurfacing, radio frequency or baby Botox to achieve her line-free face.
‘The key is to look really refreshed without taking away any natural facial features or movement.
‘At 55, although older than Kylie, Kim is definitely showing more typical signs of ageing. She still looks good, albeit I think she is wearing a little too much make-up.
‘I feel she could benefit from some skin conditioning like IPL or radio frequency to improve her fine lines and complexion.
‘In the past Kylie has been observed with one of her eyebrows being a little high – often a sign of too much Botox.
‘However, more recently she appears, in my opinion, very natural looking for her age. ‘She’s obviously found an approach that works for her.’

BEST Magazine
December 2015