Are you suffering from Gym Face?

Exercise may get you your dream body, but it could be ruining your skin. LOOK investigates…

Gym face might sound like the grimace you pull during a hard workout, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, it’s actually a condition that could be ruining your looks in the long run.

‘Excessive cardiovascular exercise can leave you with a hollow, saggy cheek area’, reveals top Harley Street practitioner Dr Preema Vig. ‘And this effect is known as the “gym face”.’

Freaked out? Us too. But why does it happen? According to Dr Vig, it’s down to to the pounding from running, which drags your face down and pulls skin away from the underlying muscles, causing gradual destruction of the elastic tissue. Dr Vig adds that coupled with this, a lack of oxygen flow during your workout will have a negative impact. ‘After 15 minutes, our muscles need more oxygen,’ she says. ‘So blood gets diverted from the face, causing fat pads in the cheek to be temporarily deprived of oxygen. This means they slowly start to diminish over time, resulting in loss of facial volume and premature ageing.’ Eek.