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Hydrafacial London: Life in London can play havoc with our skin. Pollution, late nights and burning the candle at both ends can make the skin look dull, dehydrated and sallow.

When London living is taking the nourishment out of your skin, it might be time for a course of HydraFacial treatments at the Dr Preema London Clinic in Marylebone, to restore skin health, hydration and vitality and get you back to looking your very best for the City.

Why London Loves Hydrafacial

HydraFacial is a non-invasive multi-step skin treatment which combines the benefits of revolutionary hydradermabrasion, a specialised chemical peel, automated painless extraction of impurities and delivery of specially-formulated antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Our signature Skin Health For Life HydraFacial is a 50-minute treatment, with no downtime or need for anaesthesia of any kind. We also offer a 30-minute Express HydraFacial, perfect for Londoners with super-busy lives!

HydraFacial is effective for all skin types and addresses skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin which is lacking in elasticity and firmness, uneven skin tone and lack of vibrancy, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, oily and congested skin, enlarged pores and the more advanced signs of ageing.

How Hydrafacial Works

HydraFacial uses a unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system, and this sets it apart from other, similar procedures. It’s fully customisable, so can be tailored to safely and effectively address and treat your unique skin concerns.

Not only does the technology behind HydraFacial ensure that some of the most common skin concerns are addressed, but Dr Preema can also decide how to further your bespoke treatment so that your exact needs and concerns are met. Everyone’s skin is unique, and HydraFacial ensures results that are optimised, due to this unique customisation.

Your London Hydrafacial treatment

Each treatment consists of 5 or 6 steps and includes hydro-exfoliation, a bespoke peel, the unique vortex extraction action and, depending on your specific needs, a proprietary derma-builder to effectively address fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin texture.

Dr Preema’s team of expert aestheticians will also advise you to use some specific products at home, to continue ongoing maintenance. HydraFacial is completely pain-free, and you will be able to see immediate results, even after your first treatment. It’s a superb lunchtime procedure or a treatment to have before a special occasion or event.

Dr Preema usually recommends a monthly HydraFacial, and for patients with more resistant large pores or acne, four treatments, one week apart is suggested as a ‘loading course’.

Book a Hydrafacial in London – your skin will thank you

Life in London can be stressful and tiring,  but don’t let your skin give you away! Invest in HydraFacial and breathe new life back to your complexion, so you can get back to enjoying life in the big smoke!

Book a London Hydrafacial today, contact our friendly clinical team to make your appointment.

You can now book online, or if you prefer contact us here and our expert team will look after you.