iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

A softly-softly relaxy facial is all well and good (sometimes, someone gently massaging your face into a sleep oblivion is exactly what you need) but when your skin can only be described as “meh” and your eyes are exhibiting lines that won’t disappear even when you’re devoid of emotion, you need a SERIOUS FACIAL.

As I’m not ready to go down the surgical route, Dr Preema’s fusion treatments are exactly what my skin needs. Billed as the ultimate non-surgical “#noskinfilter” facial, the idea is that you work with your therapist (thanks Yvonne!) to customise your facial depending on your personal skin needs, layering treatments together with instantaneous results that require no downtime….

…True to the “no downtime’ promise, my skin was soft, glowy and dare I say it, plumper-looking. I didn’t wear makeup for the rest of the day (that’s how little redness I experienced after the peel) and noticed the smoothing, hydrating effects of the facial continuing over the course of the week. It’s genius (well, Dr Preema and her team are)…