High-Tech Face and Hair Fixes for Men in Their Forties

EmSculpt ™

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field, the non-invasive technology behind EmSculpt, has been around for years, and was originally used by physiotherapists to reeducate muscles. It has since been repurposed to break down tummy fat and build muscle strength by triggering supra maximal contractions of the abdominals. it may sound like cheating, but the sheer intensity of these of these contractions would be impossible to achieve in a traditional workout.

Two defibrillator-like panels are placed on the abs and the machine stimulates motor neurone for 30 solid minutes. The sensation is intense, but not painful, and well worth the investment. Patients routinely achieve a 19 percent reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat and around 16 percent increase ion muscle mass after just four sessions with Dr Preema Vig, a GP turned aesthetic doctor.

EmSculpt is rather first device to address abdominal contouring through muscle tone”, she says. “The other machines only address fat”.