Cold weather, constant handwashing, and other conditions can affect skin on the hands.

Cracked and dry skin can be very irritating and painful, so it is important to moisturise as often as possible to retain hydration and aid the healing process.

Aesthetic expert Dr. Preema Vig, director of Dr. Preema London Clinic, explained that cool and dry air, and the transition between heated and cold environments, can strip the skin of natural oils.

“Moisturising the hands is the best treatment – apply a thicker moisturising cream to nourish the skin and ensure a moisturiser is applied throughout the day after you have washed your hands,” she shared, adding that those suffering severely may want to investigate a treatment called PROFHILO. “This is an injection of highly pure grade hyaluronic acid which acts directly on skin laxity and nourishes the dermal cells and restores firmness to the skin.”