Cropped shot of a young woman posing with suntan lotion on her shoulder

The dangers of relying on beauty products that contain SPF

“The beauty industry is evolving every day – A lot of new sunscreens don’t just protect against the harmful UV rays, they also double as skincare and protect against environmental aggressors,” Dr Preema Vig, Owner & Medical Director of Preema London Clinic, told Yahoo Style UK.

“And a lot of skincare products and make up now offer SPF in the products to ensure you are receiving maximum protection at all times.”

Additionally, 50 SPF makeup grew by 96 per cent.

This surely proves that consumers are relying on beauty products that contain SPF rather than the real deal. But is this a fool’s errand?

Dr Vig says yes.

The Advanced Aesthetic Doctor and former GP, told Yahoo Style UK: “Many skincare and make-up products now contain SPF in them – while this is good for that extra protection you should always apply sunscreen as well.

“There are many reasons why products are not efficient enough on their own to provide the protection you need, such as lasting-wear, if the products are waterproof and if they contain a high enough SPF.”

“Many skincare/beauty products also don’t offer the protection against free radicals, DNA damage and infrared-A like sunscreens do.”

Dr Vig recommends Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Gel.