Daily Mail – November 2016

The ultimate guide to anti-ageing treatments: From facials, serums and creams to the no-knife facelift which banishes wrinkles instantly.

Thanks to revolutionary developments over the past decade, we’re living in a golden age for anti-ageing skincare.
Today we can improve our looks without suffering or breaking the bank. But how do you know which treatments actually work — or how much they hurt?

Alice Hart-Davis writes:


Treatment: Not too hard-hitting, but using stronger products than you’ll find on the High Street, this bridges the gap between a salon treatment and a medical clinic procedure.

What it involves: Its aim is to make dull skin look smoother, brighter and more radiant using two professional-strength masks. The ‘fire’ one is exfoliating. It uses 18 per cent glycolic acid (used to improve appearance and texture) and retinol (a form of vitamin A that improves skin’s texture). The ‘ice’ mask is soothing and moisturising, with aloe vera, antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

How it feels: Less fearsome than it sounds. After thorough cleansing, the ‘fire’ mask is painted on and I lie there waiting for the tingling to start. It doesn’t take long.

I’m torn between remaining calm and letting the mask stay on as long as possible (five minutes is the maximum), and shouting ‘Enough already!’ to get the stinging to stop. I last two minutes.
Next, Dr Preema Vig’s therapists at her private practice in London apply the cooling mask. Once that’s removed, surplus serum is massaged into the skin.

The Results: Fabulous. My skin looks brighter with a youthful glow to it. A quick-fix that’s ideal for special occasions.

Celebrity fans: Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ouch factor: 5/10.
Effectiveness: 8/10.
Time taken: One hour.

Where? Dr Preema Vig, from £120,