Tips For Taking Care of Your Skin Whilst Skiing


This year it’s estimated that 1.5 million of us in the UK will be packing our cases, leaving the damp and drizzle behind, and heading for the sunshine, powdery snow and fresh mountain air of a ski resort. As well as the relaxation and regenerative properties of an alpine location, the active nature of a ski-break has been proven to promote a youthful body, but sometimes our skin could do with a helping hand. We love the bracing mountain air, and the cocktails by a log fire, but it can all be a bit of a nightmare for your skin. Fear not, because we’re on hand as your qualified ski(n) instructor.

At The Airport

Own your on-flight beauty routine

We recommend some gentle yoga in the departure lounge to offset your travel. Some funny looks are to be expected, but you’ll have the last laugh when you arrive supple and serene. Try an eye mask to reduce the puffy face associated with flying. A cashmere scarf is lightweight and versatile, and when spritzed with a relaxing scent such as lavender or camomile can go a long way to easing tensions about flying. It also serves a practical purpose as a barrier between your face and any bacteria on the seat. Wear moisturiser with SPF during flight as the exposure of UVA and UVB from the sun is particularly strong in the air. Moisturisers with SPF protect against both of these skincare baddies that can cause premature ageing and hyperpigmentation (aka sun spots). These simple self-care tips can make all the difference, and will ensure you arrive feeling fresh and well rested.

Don’t rely on the duty-free section – pre-pack your beauty routine basics. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying products when you land at your destination but this can be expensive and often means that you end up with products that may not suit your needs as well as the ones you’d normally use.

Have a chat with the team at Dr. Preema London Clinic and we can advise you on skincare products specific to you, that will be perfect for your break.

Stay hydrated

When you fly, the cabin air is very dry, so it’s important to drink plenty of water. You can also keep a moisturizing spritz on hand, which will protect against any redness caused by a lack of humidity on your flight.

Skincare on the slopes

Pack your shades

Snow reflects harmful UV rays, so it’s important to pack sunglasses with a good UV rating to reduce glare and protect the eyes and face against sun damage.

Leave stress at home

Avoiding stress for your overall health is common sense advice, but it’s particularly pertinent where your skin is concerned. Stress can cause flare ups of acne and eczema so it’s important to keep a handle on it while you’re on holiday. As well as avoiding long flights and complicated logistics, you can try meditation or yoga before bed or even early morning walks where you can take in the fresh air and sunlight without the crowds that come with visiting major attractions.

Consistency is key – Don’t skip your usual beauty routines.

A break from the routine is half the fun of a holiday, but it’s important to be consistent with your skincare routine where possible. When it comes to dry skin and chapped lips, prevention is better than cure and if you nail the basics you’ll be the envy of the slopes.

Feel the benefits of being active

Skiing is a great cardiovascular workout and uses a lot of muscles, so it’s a good way to get your circulation going. It’s also good for the lymphatic system, which gets rid of toxins in the body. This high intensity workout promotes high quality restorative sleep, all of which is a recipe for bright eyes and glowing skin.

Go easy on the après-ski drinks

You’re probably planning to spend some time slopeside with friends or family. A mulled wine or champagne can be the perfect way to end the day, and let’s face it, sometimes the best part of the trip, but before you sip your first glass of bubbly, here are a few things to consider about skincare and alcohol consumption.

Alcohol dehydrates your body and your skin, which means it’s important to hydrate well before hitting the slopes or après-ski session.

That late-night tipple can also have an impact on our sleep cycles, making it harder for us to drift off at night, leading to a lack of skin recovery and less energy the next day – on the plus side, people have been appreciating the benefits of alpine air for centuries, and you are on holiday after all.

Take advantage of saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs

A soothing hot tub at the end of the day is the perfect remedy to aching muscles. Relaxation plays an important role in any aesthetic routine, and some rest and recuperation can give your skin time to recover from an otherwise hectic schedule. Some time at the spa can be the perfect way to increase circulation, get those endorphins flowing, and leave you with glowing skin. Just make sure you shower after using the hot tub, and apply a moisturizer immediately after drying off.

So there you go, With a little forethought, your glowing skin will be the envy of your friends! I hope this helps you look and feel your best while skiing in the sun. Remember, no matter where life takes you, Dr. Preema is by your side on your skincare journey. We offer a range of treatments and a Luxury Medical Aesthetic Experience as well as premium skincare products and gift cards. Call today on +44 (0)20 7221 0043 or Contact us here.

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