Asia Spa September / October 2015

If you’re not a fan of non-surgical cosmetic improvements, then look away now. I happen to like my face, but I liked it more ten years ago and have found the odd injectable to be very helpful in making me look – and as a result, feel – both better, and more glamorous. Stunning, ageless Dr Preema Vig is my go-to in London for such matters. I ask her about the things that bother me most, and this is what she says: “To address crow’s feet and frown lines, I offer a non-surgical injectable muscle relaxing treatment. I specialise in precise and minimal augmentation for subtle and natural enhancement. The challenge with gravity is that it causes everything to ‘head south’, and when that comes to your face, it means there’s a high chance you’ll end up with a down-turned, sad-looking face – even if you’re a naturally happy person! I offer Upper Face Botox and Mid/Lower Face Combination Injectable Treatment style, to ensure that the effects of time and gravity are negated, providing results that deliver a refreshed, well-rested, and slightly younger-looking you. My signature approach is ‘less is more’, and the ‘stage by stage Jawline lift’ approach I take provides results that enhance natural beauty so that cosmetic intervention is not detected.” Which is pretty much the ideal, isn’t it?