Vitamin drips have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna and Simon Cowell reportedly using them. But, with clinics charging up to £350 a session, this is not a cheap treatment. Are vitamin drips a safe and effective way to boost your health and nutritional status? Or are they a fad?

What are the downsides to vitamin drips?

Our bodies are designed to ingest the majority of essential nutrients orally not through a drip in our arm.

Vitamin drips and injections can be dangerous if not carried out correctly and can result in complications.

Dr Preema Vig, explains:

“If the procedure is not carried out in a sterile fashion there is a risk of contracting septicemia, a serious condition caused when a bacterial infection enters the blood stream… If your kidney function is impaired or you are given an incorrect dose, your body may not be able to effectively excrete excess minerals which can lead to toxic levels.”

She adds:

“It is also important to ensure there are no interactions between medications you are taking and the ingredients in the drip. In rare cases there is the potential for a serious allergic reaction, for this reason the procedure should always be carried out with a medical doctor present.”