Does fat freezing work?Fat freezing is the latest revolution when it comes to getting rid of unwanted excess fat without going under the knife.

It’s a non-surgical, device-led procedure which offers no discomfort, requires no anaesthetic and there’s no downtime! And with the promise that excess fat can be permanently reduced in those hard to budge places, what’s not to love?

Dr Preema’s team are achieving amazing results with CoolSculpting®, an FDA approved fat freezing device which has been taking the nation by storm. CoolSculpting® is THE original fat freezing device and lots have followed suit. Copycat devices have come and gone, but CoolSculpting® remains number one due to the fact that, simply put, it works!

So, how does fat freezing work?

Fat freezing uses cryolipolysis technology to cool the subcutaneous fat to below freezing, without damaging the surrounding tissues.

At low temperatures, the fat cells are destroyed and their contents are eliminated naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. The device is held over a part of the body that is causing concern and a vacuum suction technique is used, to gently draw the area into the system. Multiple areas of the body can be treated in one appointment, making CoolSculpting® an efficient and effective fat elimination solution.

After one cycle of CoolSculpting® you may see significant results, after three months. However, multiple cycles are usually recommended for the best possible outcome. Luckily, our clinic is one of only a handful in the UK to offer DualSculpting; we have two CoolSculpting® machines, so we can treat two areas at once, effectively halving your treatment time.

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One of our CoolSculpting® experts will discuss your suitability, desired outcomes and recommend a treatment plan at a no-obligation consultation. One of the most common questions they are asked at consultation is ‘how does fat freezing work?’, and they will be happy to talk you through this and any other questions. As with any aesthetic treatment delivered at Dr Preema London, we want you to be fully informed and prepared. Our team are also comfortable with saying ‘no’ to any treatment, if they think you are unsuitable.

CoolSculpting® and your lifestyle

As CoolSculpting® is FDA approved and clinically-proven, you can be confident of its efficacy. However, there are several things you will need to do in order to make the treatment fully-effective.

Dedicating to a healthy diet and exercise regime will ensure that you will be continuing the good work that this treatment can do, long-term. CoolSculpting® is a highly-effective treatment but as with any non-surgical and indeed, more invasive fat reduction procedure, it’s not going to stop you putting on weight if you over-eat and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

CoolSculpting® and you are a partnership – if you continue to eat a balanced diet and undergo moderate exercise, your chances of long-term success are greatly increased.

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The best fat freezing technology

It’s also important to consider that with fat freezing such a popular treatment, more and more devices are coming on to the market that may not have the proven track record and FDA approval that CoolSculpting® does.

Cheaper alternatives may not be as effective and may not offer the same safety standards as CoolSculpting®. If you’re going to spend money on a fat freezing procedure, it’s worth choosing the very best, so you’re not throwing good money after bad or risking a non-effective treatment with substandard equipment, offered by some cheaper salons and spas.

Fat freezing in London at Dr Preema London

For a more svelte, slim and healthy physique, CoolSculpting® delivered by our expert team can bring you long-term, beautiful results with no surgery and no downtime.

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