A new anti-aging approach, PROFHILO® is an innovative treatment which acts directly on skin laxity and combines bio-remodelling with an immediate tightening effect.

Falling into the category of a ’tissue stimulator’, PROFHILO® is a new hyaluronic-acid injectible that put the ‘peachiness’ back into ‘parched’ skin – making it perfect as a standalone treatment or alongside your regular non-surgical dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing treatment.

Not only does PROFHILO® provide deep-down, long-lasting hydration, but it remodels the skin by prompting the production of firming collagen and elastin (clinically proven) which smooths and tightens skin.

PROFHILO® offers a dual benefit and as every woman is unique – PROFHILO® has an exclusive injection technique, customizable for each individual patient.

Consisting of a two part-treatment typically four weeks apart PROFHILO® is strategically administered around the face (and/or neck, décolletage, hands and required treatment areas) to stimulate collagen and elastin – softening lines and shadowy areas, and hydrating far deeper than any moisturiser ever could. Expect to experience a reduction in dryness four weeks after the 1st treatment and the collagen-boosting effects four weeks after the 2nd treatment.

Composed of highly pure grade hyaluronic acid, PROFHILO® is biocompatible, and due to a high purity and absence of additives, PROFHILO® offers greater safety, reduced side effects and a prolonged duration.

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Before and after Profhilo

Lower Face



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