If you’re concerned about lines and wrinkles, a facial sunscreen or moisturiser with added protection is the best anti-ageing skincare essential you may not be investing in.

Whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day, you can still soak up harmful UVA rays that cause skin cancer and premature ageing, and that goes for all women, from dark to lighter complexions.

“UVA rays can alter the skin cell DNA causing malignant melanoma over time,” explains aesthetician Dr. Preema Vig.

And both UVA and UVB rays cause wrinkles by breaking down collagen, creating free radicals and inhibiting the natural repair system of the skin.

“If you only spend on one skincare product, let it be a good SPF,” insists Dr. Vig.

When choosing a facial sunscreen, make sure you take into account its sun protection factor (SPF), which is a measure of how long your sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet rays (UVB) that damage skin and cause it to burn.

Whether you’ve got normal, sensitive or combination skin, there’s a facial sunscreen to suit your needs. Most are formulated to create a smooth base for your make-up, just pick one according to your skin type. Ideally, you should aim to use at least SPF 30, or a minimum of 15 for darker-skinned women.

Just remember to avoid wearing products with anti-ageing ingredient retinol in the sun, as it will make your skin more susceptible to UV rays and actually cause the skin to age faster.